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Today we going to share with you beautiful collection of HD Love Images, Love Pictures, Love Wallpapers for Whatsapp and Facebook.

Love Images & Wallpapers

I wish at this moment to have you on my knees and to cover your divine mouth with kisses.

I miss you enormously, I would like to be with you in your arms, Feel your smell, make you hug and kisses, you are my love, come back quickly, I’m waiting for you.

I think it’s destiny that brought us closer, the day I saw you, I felt that everything was drawn, we are the happiest couple, enjoy all these moments of happiness on as long as possible. I love you.

I love you my dear; you are my only goal in life, you are my present and my future. I live only for you, I only think of you. I want to see you quickly because I have so many kisses, so much sweetness, so much love to give you. I love you and I will love you forever.

Distance is not a problem, when two people love each other, even if you are far from me, I will always love you, as always.

I love you my love, I tell you and I write it to you and if it is necessary I shout loudly. You are the love of my life. Despite all the difficulties, I can not live without you and together we will make our life.

My love, you are my sweet ray of sunshine, every day I need to feel your presence, which warms me and brightens my day. I need you, my beloved angel, I need the air that you give me, you are the oxygen that I breathe without you I am suffocating!

You are my love and with you I discovered what love means: you bring me joy you bring me happiness, I love you my heart, I love you my love!

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